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Why the FPA™?

The FPA™ program ensures you’re a key strategic contributor with your clients. Learning about the day-in-the-life of a facilities manager, you’ll build an understanding of productive work environments, as well as how facility managers handle tenant issues such as daily operations, maintenance, comfort, and safety.

What Will I Learn?

In the FPA™ program, you’ll learn how facility managers best support tenants and staff, while meeting the organization’s overall objectives. The program covers everything from planning and project management to environmental health and worker safety. In addition, you’ll gain the understanding of what information facility managers need to minimize maintenance costs and properly manage other timely issues.

Who Should Enroll?

Business development managers, sales representatives, sales managers, and providers of products and services to the commercial real estate industry.

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Required Courses:
  EHSI 02282023       Ethics 02282023  Facilities Planning and Project Management 02282023  
 Fundamentals of FM 02282023     Design 1 02282023 Design 2 02282023 

Elective Courses (choose two):
  Asset Management 02282023 
 Managing the Organization 02282023  REIF 02282023  

A Pathway to Earn Your Credential 

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  • Courses may be taken in any order.
  • Choose the flexible course delivery option that works best for you - online self-paced, collaborative virtual learning, accelerated review or classroom setting, where applicable.
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