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Certificate and Designation Programs
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Certificate and Designation Programs
How will earning a BOMI International certificate or designation benefit me?
From reducing operating expenses to increasing overall efficiency, our programs are proven to provide the in-depth knowledge you need to perform your everyday job more effectively, add value to your organization's bottom line, and achieve professional goals. Learn more.
How do I get started with a program?
There are a few ways to enroll in one of BOMI International's certificate and designation programs. Learn more.
How long will it take me to complete a program?
The duration of a program depends on how often you take a course and the course delivery option chosen. There is no set time limit in which you are required to complete a program. 
How much does a certificate or designation program cost?
The cost of a program varies depending on the course delivery options that the student chooses. Our fee schedule breaks down these costs. Learn more.

Please note BOMI International courses are offered throughout the country through partnerships with local Building Owners and Managers Associations (BOMA Locals). BOMA Locals that sponsor BOMI International courses set their own prices, so if you register for a BOMA Local course, prices may vary.
Can I apply college credits or work experience toward a program?
Students enrolled in the Real Property Administrator (RPA®), Facilities Management Administrator (FMA®), or Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA®) Designation programs are eligible to apply for competency and transfer credits. Note that credits for courses awarded through a competency option do not qualify for most certificate programs. Learn more.
Can I earn a certificate once I complete my designation?
Yes, if the certificate isn't in your designation learning path. For example, you've completed your Real Property Administrator (RPA®), but would now like to pursue your Facilities Management Certificate (FMC).

No, if the certificate is in your designation learning path. For example, you've completed your Real Property Administrator (RPA®), but would now like to pursue your Property Administrator Certificate (PAC).
Once I earn my certificate or designation, do I have to maintain it?
Once you earn the Real Property Administrator (RPA®), Facilities Management Administrator (FMA®), or Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA®) Designation, you must maintain active status of the designation by earning 18 points of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit every three years. You will receive a complete CPD information package after you complete your designation program. CPD is not required for the Systems Maintenance Technician (SMT®) Designation, High-Performance Sustainable Buildings (BOMI-HP®) Designation, or for BOMI International certificates. Learn more.
Registering for a Course
How do I register for a course?
There are several ways to register for a BOMI International course. Learn more
How long is a course open for registration?
  • Self-Study registration is continuously open year-round.
  • Instructor-Led Online registration closes on the second Friday after the semester begins.
  • Accelerated Review registration closes ten (10) business days prior to the course start date so you have time to receive and review your course material. A $100 late fee will be applied to registrations received thereafter. Additional shipping fees may apply.
  • Online Self-Paced registration is continuously open year-round.
Which course should I take first?
Courses may be taken in the order you prefer. To start, we suggest you choose a course that complements your immediate responsibilities. You may take multiple courses at a time. However, we do not suggest taking more than two courses at once, especially if you are working full time.
How does online access work for Instructor-Led Online courses?
Once registered, you will receive an e-mail with your credentials to login to BOMI’s Learning Portal. You will have access to online content for six (6) months from the start date of the course. If you do not successfully complete the exam within this initial six-month window, you can pay the exam administration fee (see our Price Sheet) to extend your exam eligibility period. While this extends your exam eligibility, it does not extend your access to the online content. Once the initial six-month window has ended, you will not be able to access the online materials, but will be able to download resources prior to the end of the initial six-month eligibility window.
What is the nature of the Online Self-Paced delivery method?
An independent learning experience enhancing our current Self-Study delivery method by allowing students the freedom to use BOMI's eLearning resources to strengthen their grasp of key concepts.
How does online access work for Online Self-Paced courses?
Once registered, you will receive an e-mail with your credentials to login to BOMI's Learning Portal. You will have access to online content and the digital coursebook for six (6) months from the course registration date.

Refer to “eBook Access and Features” guide in BOMI’s Learning Portal on how to access your digital coursebook.
Are Online Self-Paced courses still available in the traditional Self-Study delivery method?
No. The Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Building Systems, Parts I and II, and courses in the High-Performance Sustainable Buildings (BOMI-HP®) Designation Program are no longer available in the Self-Study delivery method. OSP is an enhanced version of our current Self-Study method, allowing students access to BOMI’s Learning Portal.
What is the nature of the Self-Study delivery method?
This is the most flexible study method BOMI International has to offer. We send you the coursebook, and you have six (6) months from the date of registration to review and study the material on your own prior to taking the exam. There is no online component, no schedule to follow, and no assignments to submit—so it is all up to you!

Course materials will be sent directly to the shipping address listed on your registration form within 7-10 days. Within two (2) business days of registering, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of registration that will include instructions to schedule the final exam at a Pearson VUE testing center. It is important to act upon these materials as soon as possible so you are able to get your preferred exam date.

The Ethics Is Good Business® ShortCourse™ exam is available through BOMI’s online learning portal and does not require a visit to a Pearson VUE testing center unlike all other BOMI course exams. After you register for this course, you will receive an e-mail from BOMI International with your learning portal login credentials and additional information on how to take the exam from your own personal computer.

In alignment with all other BOMI course testing practices, you will have one attempt to take the Ethics Is Good Business® ShortCourse™ exam within your initial six (6) month eligibility period. This period begins on the date of registration for Self-Study courses. If you do not take your exam during this period or fail the exam, you must pay the additional exam administration fee to begin a new six-month eligibility period.
Can I apply BOMI International courses toward other continuing education credit?
Yes. Many courses have been approved toward maintaining your LEED, CFM, CPM, CCIM, and many other industry credentials.
Preparing for Your Course
I just registered for a BOMI International course. Now what?
If you are a new student, you will be sent an introductory e-mail and your exam eligibility information two (2) days after you register for a course.

If you are a returning student, you will be e-mailed your exam eligibility information two (2) days after you register for a course.

Once your coursebook arrives, review its content to familiarize yourself with the layout and resources available for you to be successful in mastering the content. For accelerated review and semester-length classroom delivery options, it is suggested that you complete the Key Concept Study Guide questions and practice exam prior to the first day of the course so you can gauge your knowledge and focus more on areas you may find challenging.

 Other tips that can support a positive learning experience include:
  • Using sticky notes or other resources to identify where course components end. 
  • Reviewing the student information at the front of the book and reading each chapter’s Introduction.
  • Reviewing the learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter.
How early should I begin preparing for the course?
To ensure success while participating in the course, it will be important to take advantage of some pre-course preparation strategies:
  • If you are taking the course in a traditional classroom, be sure to arrive ½ hour to 45 minutes early so you are able to locate parking and the classroom, meet your instructor, and get settled with your materials.
  • Prior to beginning the course, be sure to review your coursebook in its entirety to understand the content sequencing and resources to assist you in mastering the topic areas. There are many tools available for your success.
I have lost my exam eligibility e-mail. Whom do I contact to receive another?
Contact service@bomi.org or call BOMI International at 1.800.235.BOMI (2664) to speak to an Education Coordinator.
What should I bring on my first day of the course?
You should bring your coursebook, notebook, or tablet for notes, and other resources you find helpful to your learning style. Perhaps a highlighter to mark the important topics in your coursebook, sticky notes, tabs, pens, or pencils. The Real Estate Investment and Finance course requires a calculator.
Your Learning Experience
Should my instructor contact me before I start the course?
In most instances, BOMI International instructors personally reach out to students prior to the beginning of the course, but some wait until the first day of class to review details.
Am I able to contact my instructor prior to the course starting?
Once your instructor has reached out to you with an introductory e-mail for classroom courses, you will be able to communicate with him or her. For online courses, the initial course e-mail enables you to do this from the beginning.
Can I call the instructor any time I get stuck? Are there open office hours?
Instructors typically review these housekeeping items on the first day of class, regardless of how the program is being delivered. They will let you know parameters for how quickly to expect a response to your questions.
Is there online support to answer Online Self-Paced course-related questions?
Because the courses are self-paced, there isn't instructor support to answer learner questions. OSP courses are designed so that there shouldn't be a need for support outside of materials made available through the coursebook and resources in the online course environment.
What learning format will I be using?
For Instructor-Led Online and Live Virtual Learning delivery options, you will learn using your coursebook to support BOMI Learning Portal resources which include videos, discussion forums, online quizzes, and 24/7 access to these resources.

For the Online Self-Paced delivery option, you will learn using your digital coursebook and additional Learning Portal resources, which include online interactive modules, video presentations, key concept reviews, practice assessments, and 24/7 access to these resources.

For Accelerated Review and Semester-Length Classroom delivery options, you will be learning in an interactive, in-person environment with your instructor and peers in the industry. This is a way for you to network with your instructor and peers to discuss real-life challenges related to the course topic areas.
Am I required to spend a certain amount of time on the Learning Portal for the online class?
You are not required to spend a certain number of hours on the BOMI Learning Portal, but it is recommended that you take advantage of the lesson plans and course syllabus to ensure that you are maximizing your time and using all the tools to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Class commitments are 24-30 hours depending on which course you have elected to take. In the Learning Portal, modules are released on a weekly basis to support the pacing of your learning and ensure you do not get overwhelmed with the material.
How many hours a week does BOMI International feel I should be working on this online class—outside of the Learning Portal?
It is recommended that you spend an additional 50 hours, over the entire course, reviewing materials outside of the structured learning events to ensure you are successful in mastering the content, especially if you plan to take a final exam.
What do I need to do to keep pace with the course?
During Learning Portal orientation week for an online course, it is recommended that you read the syllabus and course schedule to know what you will be responsible for each week of the course, as well as complete the course overview video. To earn a Certificate of Participation, you will have only two (2) weeks after the semester ends to submit assignments for points. It is suggested that you keep pace with the course schedule to actively engage in the discussion forums and Make It Click® live reviews with your peers to get the most out of your online course experience.

Once the two-week window is met after the end of the online course, work will no longer be counted towards the Certificate of Participation.
Do I have to complete Extra Credit?
Extra credit is optional for online courses. However, if you take advantage of this opportunity, you can be awarded up to ten (10) extra points towards your final score in effort to achieve the Certificate of Participation.
Who sets the time for the Make It Clicks®? Can’t the class set it with their schedules?
BOMI International sets the times and dates for Make It Click® live reviews based on historical experiences and requests. If you cannot attend a Make It Click® live review, please reach out to your instructor to discuss alternative opportunities for participation points. All Make It Clicks® are recorded and uploaded to the course Learning Portal for review later, if necessary, but it is best to attend the live session.
Am I permitted to openly comment on a fellow student’s post?
Yes. You are encouraged and required to meet rubric scoring requirements to send messages to other course participants. Commenting and offering feedback in the discussion forums is a great way to network and learn from your peers and instructor.
How long does it take to complete a course?
Courses range from 24-30 hours, except for Ethics Is Good Business® ShortCourse™ which is six (6) hours. The actual time it takes to complete a course depends on the delivery option chosen:
  • Self-Study courses are to be completed within a six-month timeframe.
  • Instructor-Led Online courses are typically 15 weeks.
  • Accelerated Review courses generally run four days.
  • Semester-Length and Corporate Onsite Instruction (group education) vary depending upon the course.
  • Online Self-Paced courses are to be completed within a six-month timeframe.
  • Live Virtual Learning courses consist of two 4-hour live virtual sessions per week, for 4-6 weeks.   
Who teaches BOMI International's courses?
BOMI International instructors are accomplished leaders in the property and facility management industries. All instructors go through an extensive review process to ensure they have a high level of technical competence in the subject matter to be taught.
Course Materials and Resources
Is the coursebook included for an Online Self-Paced course?
Yes. When registered, you can access a digital coursebook via a link to the VitalSource Bookshelf through BOMI’s Learning Portal.

Please note: OSP tuition includes a digital coursebook, which is accessible for six months from the registration date. Students have the option to purchase a printed coursebook for an additional $40 fee.
When will I receive my coursebook?
Course materials are shipped within approximately two (2) days of course registration. Course materials are shipped via UPS Ground, where applicable. Students typically receive course materials within a few days (7-10 business days) of shipment, depending on location.
Do I really need to follow along with a coursebook? Can't I complete the course by just using the Learning Portal?
The coursebook is the foundation of all BOMI International learning experiences. The Learning Portal materials are aligned with and support the coursebook, but do not cover all items that will be relevant to the final exam. The Learning Portal does offer valuable resources to enhance the learning experience through videos, discussions, and online quizzes to support success on the final exam.
When will I receive my syllabus and course schedule?
Once you are registered for an online course and can access the Learning Portal during orientation week, your syllabus and course schedule will be available in your Learning Portal. For accelerated review or semester-length classes, a high-level overview is often provided by instructors in advance of the first session.
Do I need to have a tablet or e-reader?
Depending on whether you purchased a physical coursebook or eBook, you may need to bring a tablet and/or e-reader to an in-person course.
Do I need to purchase the HP 10bII calculator for Real Estate Investment and Finance?
Yes. This calculator is the only one that is compatible to the formulas presented in the course and is also used industry wide.
May I purchase a coursebook without taking the course?
You may only purchase books for courses you have registered for. If you have completed a BOMI International course, you may purchase an updated book (if available) for that course at a discounted price.
Pricing and Fees
How much does a course cost?
For a list of all course fees, view our Price Sheet.
I need to drop out of a course, what do I do? Can I transfer to a different section?
It is best to contact BOMI International at 1.800.235.BOMI (2664) or e-mail service@bomi.org because situations tend to vary and there are typically fees associated to transfer/cancel.
If you have questions, please call 1.800.235.BOMI (2664) Monday-Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM ET to speak with a member of BOMI International's Education Coordinator Team, or e-mail your question to service@bomi.org. Canadian students, please contact BOMI Canada at 1.888.821.9319.