Policies and Fees


Orders will be processed within two business days. Shipping, including overnight, takes place once orders are processed. Only orders with payment can be processed. There will be a $40 processing fee for returned checks.


For a list of fees, view our Price Sheet

Please note:

  • Fees are subject to change without notice. 
  • Group pricing is determined by the individual client's needs. 
  • Prices for BOMI International courses sponsored by BOMA Locals may vary.

Enrollment Fees

To enroll in your first designation program, a $225 (USD) enrollment fee will be applied. To enroll in your second or third designation program, a $100 (USD) enrollment fee will be applied. There is a $100 (USD) fee for individual courses (those taken separately from a certificate or designation program). Fees are nonrefundable and must be paid with or before enrolling in a course, certificate or designation program. 

NOTE: First-time enrollees must complete an Enrollment and Registration Form.

Course Requirements

Because this is a dynamic industry, specific course requirements are based on date of enrollment. If you are not sure of your particular course requirements, please ask a member of our Education Coordinator Team.


BOMI International guarantees its course materials for up to 30 days. If you are not satisfied with our course materials, return them along with a coursebook return form to ViaTech within 30 days of receipt for a full refund. Call BOMI International at 1.800.235.BOMI (2664) to obtain a coursebook return form. 

EXCEPTIONS: If you want to return course materials for an Accelerated Review class, you must return the materials 30 days before the class start date to receive a full refund. In addition, enrollment fees and eBooks are nonrefundable.

For more information on BOMI International policies, including eligibility periods, rescheduling, and cancellation options, please visit www.bomi.org to review the BOMI International Computer-Based Testing (CBT) Handbook. 

Computer-Based Testing (CBT)

With the exception of Ethics Is Good Business® ShortCourse™, exams are administered via Computer-Based Testing (CBT) through our testing provider, Pearson VUE. The registration fee provides for one testing session during the six-month eligibility period, which can be scheduled at the students convenience at a Pearson VUE testing center of their choice. Click here to locate your nearest Pearson VUE testing center.

Exam Eligibility Period

Students have a six-month eligibility period to schedule and take their exam. For Self-Study students, the eligibility period begins on the date of registration; for Classroom students, the eligibility period begins on the first day of class.

Exam Administration Fee (Includes Retakes, No-Shows, and Extensions)

Students who fail an exam, do not cancel a scheduled exam appointment at least 24 business hours prior, or wish to extend their eligibility period by an additional six months, will incur an Exam Administration Fee. This fee includes testing and administrative fees and gives students a new six-month eligibility period to complete the exam. This new six-month window begins when the payment is processed. For fee information, please view our current Price Sheet.

Course Completion

Successful completion of a course requires passing an exam with a minimum score of 70 percent. Upon registration, students are provided a six-month eligibility period in which to take the exam. Students requiring an additional eligibility period will incur an Exam Administration Fee for the course and will be required to purchase updated course materials if applicable. 

Study Method Transfer

If you wish to switch from one study method to another, you will incur a $150 (USD) Exam Administration Fee in addition to the price difference between the two study methods. Please contact an Education Coordinator at 1.800.235.BOMI (2664) for more information and/or assistance.

Self-Study Policies and Procedures

Self-Study students must register directly with BOMI International. Course materials will be sent directly to the mailing address listed on the registration form. Within two business days of registering, students will receive an e-mail confirmation of registration that will include instructions on how to schedule their examination at a Pearson VUE testing center. Self-Study students have six (6) months from the date of registration to successfully complete the exam.

Ethics Is Good Business® ShortCourse™ Policies and Procedures

All Ethics Is Good Business® ShortCourse™ exams will be administered online using BOMI's Learning Portal. Self-Study students taking the Ethics Is Good Business® ShortCourse™ have six (6) months from the time they register to successfully complete the exam. Classroom students have six (6) months from the class start date to successfully complete the exam. After registering for the course, students will be e-mailed instructions on how to access the online exam.

Online Designation and Certificate Course Policies (In addition to the above Self-Study Policies and Procedures)

When you register for an Instructor-Led Online course, you will have access to the online content for six (6) months from the class start date. When you register for an Online Self-Paced course, you will have access to online content for six (6) months from the date of registration. Paying an Exam Administration Fee to extend your exam eligibility does not extend your access to online content. Within two business days of registering, students will receive an e-mail confirmation of registration in an online designation or certificate course, including information about how to access the online course.

*System recommendations for online courses and exams: Although the courses have been tested on multiple sites and platforms, the recommended software and hardware are: Microsoft Windows operating system, Internet Explorer 7.0 and above, and a high-speed connection.

BOMI International-Sponsored Accelerated Review Policies and Procedures

Accelerated Review classes are four, full-day sessions. Advance preparation is required. A coursebook will be sent to you prior to the class to help with preparation. Travel, hotel accommodations, and meals are not included in your registration fee. Class size in each location is limited. All courses, locations, instructors, and prices are subject to change. BOMI International will notify registrants of any changes in BOMI International-sponsored classes approximately two weeks in advance of the class start date. 

Registration Deadline 

To ensure that you have sufficient time to prepare, you should be registered ten (10) business days prior to the class start date. A $100 (USD) late fee will be applied to registrations received thereafter.

Registration Confirmation 

A course information sheet will be faxed or e-mailed to you as confirmation of your registration. Learning materials will be mailed under separate cover. 


To receive a full refund, course materials must be returned in the original shrink-wrap 30 days before the class start date. For cancellations received less than 30 days prior to the first day of class, credit can be applied to a Self-Study or Classroom offering. For cancellations less than two weeks prior to the first day of class, a $100 (USD) cancellation fee also applies. 

BOMI International-Sponsored Course Cancellations 

If insufficient enrollment necessitates cancellation of a BOMI-sponsored class, either in the Accelerated Review or Instructor-Led Online format, BOMI International will notify students approximately two weeks prior to the scheduled class and all fees will be refunded. Arrangements will be made for the return of learning materials, except eBooks which are nonrefundable. 

Call your BOMA Local for up-to-date information about BOMA Local-sponsored Accelerated Review classes and for information about specific policies.

Corporate Onsite Instruction (Group Education) Policies and Procedures

Group education classes are set up on an as-needed basis, with pricing and requirements determined by a client's needs. Please contact a member of BOMI International's Education Coordinator Team if you are interested in this format.

Statement of Nondiscrimination

BOMI International is committed to providing an education opportunity for all persons and admits students of any race, color, gender or sexual preference, age, nondisqualifying handicap, religion or creed, or national or ethnic origin. 

By registering for BOMI International courses, students agree to abide by BOMI International's Nondisclosure Agreement and Code of Professional Ethics & Conduct.

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