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Do you wish getting your RPA® and FMA® designation was easier? Faster? More efficient?

The RPA® and FMA® Capstone Experience

 Based on feedback from learners and industry experts, we’re enhancing our programs to help learners achieve their RPA® and FMA® designations faster and more efficiently, while maintaining the highest standards in the industry. Here’s what’s changing:

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Course Exams 

All course exams are taken in BOMI’s learning portal.

  •  Learners can take their exam immediately after finishing their course – no scheduling needed
  • No travel time or expense, saving seven visits to a Pearson VUE testing center
  • Course exams are timed, but not proctored, reducing test anxiety
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Capstone Experience Forms  

We’ve modified the RPA® and FMA® Experience Form for the Capstone program to require employment verification history only. 

  • No notary required
  • No employer skill-evaluation required
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The Capstone Experience Exam  

Maintaining program integrity and credibility is the highest priority for BOMI International. Under the new program, once all RPA® and/or FMA® course requirements are complete, learners will take their RPA®/FMA® Capstone Experience Exam. The RPA®/FMA® Capstone Experience Exam is not a cumulative final exam, but a 100-question, multiple choice test reflective of your three years of industry experience, and includes:
  • Two-hour, 125-question multiple choice exam, 100 of which are scored and 25 of which are not scored
  • Proctored exam to be taken at Pearson VUE 
  • Questions are application-based, using scenarios that rely on the learners’ three years of experience in commercial property and facility management
  • Optional Online Self-Paced Capstone Experience Exam prep courses are available for the RPA® and FMA® 
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