Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Meeting the requirements of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program is an obligation accepted by each BOMI International graduate upon earning the Real Property Administrator (RPA®), Facilities Management Administrator (FMA®), and/or Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA®) Designation. Participation in the program helps graduates keep pace with the latest developments while enhancing their career and increasing the professionalism of the entire property and facility management industry. 

BOMI International offers a variety of ways for today's busy professionals to earn CPD points, including courses and seminars, real estate license renewal, and industry experiences such as participating in trade associations, publishing an article, or presenting a paper. Your next step is to find out all the options available. Select a program below for more detailed information on CPD requirements.

BOMI Online Professional Development Library 

In addition to the aforementioned ways to earn CPD credit, BOMI International has partnered with RedVector to provide its learners with best-in-class interactive training for professional development. The BOMI International Online Professional Development Library, powered by RedVector, provides users with a wide variety of training content designed to fulfill both BOMI’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements, as well as the continuing education requirements of other industry programs.  

Access to the Library is available in 10 and 20-hour bundles.  Purchase a bundle of hours through the BOMI eCommerce site and you will receive an e-mail with an authorization code to activate your access. 


Please note graduates participating in the CPD Program are listed in the online Active Graduate Directory. To learn more about the online directory, call 1.800.235.BOMI (2664), or e-mail