Management and Board of Trustees




Jeffrey A. Horn, President and CEO (



Holly Bentley, Senior Director of Learning and Development (


Tim Pyle, Director of Sales (



Amy McMonigle, Vice President, Administration 


We celebrate the life of our beloved VP of Administration, Amy McMonigle, who passed away suddenly on November 22, 2016. A 31-year team member, Amy embodied the mission and values of BOMI International. She was a passionate advocate on behalf of BOMI’s students and in upholding the value that our designations hold throughout the commercial real estate industry. Amy’s professionalism, spirit, and devotion to family, friends, and co-workers will forever remain woven into the fabric of BOMI International.


Board of Trustees

Executive Committee 

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Chairman, Dave Fagone, RPA®
President & COO, RM Bradley Management


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Immediate Former Chairman, Greg Grainger, RPA®, CPM, CCIM
President, Younger Partners Property Services


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Vice Chairman, Howard Arndt, RPA®
President & CEO, Fieldstone Management


  Sarah White  

Secretary/Treasurer, Sarah Wright, RPA® LEED® AP

Property Manager, HPI Real Estate Services & Investments


Board of Trustee Members

 George Denise_photo 

George Denise, CFM®, CPM®, FMA®, RPA® , LEED AP®
Director of Operations–RWS, Director of Sustainability-HQ, Oracle


 Laurie Ell_Jan 2013

Laurie Ell, RPA®, CLO
General Manager, McCOR Management


  Tim O'Donald 

Tim O'Donald, RPA®, CPM
President, Harbor East Management Group, LLC


  Jackie Parks 

Jackie Parks, CFM

Manager, Space Management, Tennessee Valley Authority



David Pogue, LEED® AP
Global Director of Corporate Responsibility, CBRE


 Nick E. Stolatis

Nicholas E. Stolatis, RPA®, CPM®, LEED® AP

Vice President, EPN Real Estate Services, Inc.


  Tyler White  

Tyler White, CFM
Manager, Training & Procedures, Pepco Holdings, Inc.


 Rod Winters

Rod Winters, RPA®, FMA®

Sr. Manager, Real Estate, Bell Aliant