Management and Board of Trustees




Jeffrey A. Horn, President and CEO (



Holly Bentley, Senior Director of Learning and Development (


Tim Pyle, Director of Sales (



Amy McMonigle, Vice President, Administration (


Board of Trustees

Executive Committee 

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Chairman, Dave Fagone, RPA®
President & COO, RM Bradley Management


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Immediate Former Chairman, Greg Grainger, RPA®, CPM, CCIM
President, Younger Partners Property Services


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Vice Chairman, Howard Arndt, RPA®
President & CEO, Fieldstone Management


  Sarah White  

Secretary/Treasurer, Sarah Wright, LEED® AP
Property Manager, HPI Real Estate Services & Investments


Board of Trustee Members

 George Denise_photo 

George Denise, CFM®, CPM®, FMA®, RPA® , LEED AP®
Director of Operations–RWS, Director of Sustainability-HQ, Oracle


 Laurie Ell_Jan 2013

Laurie Ell, RPA®, CLO
General Manager, McCOR Management


  Tim O'Donald 

Tim O'Donald, RPA®, CPM
President, Harbor East Management Group, LLC


  Jackie Parks 

Jackie Parks, CFM

Manager, Space Management, Tennessee Valley Authority



David Pogue, LEED® AP
Global Director of Corporate Responsibility, CBRE


 Nick E. Stolatis

Nicholas E. Stolatis, RPA®, CPM®, LEED® AP


  Tyler White  

Tyler White, CFM
Manager, Training & Procedures, Pepco Holdings, Inc.


  Sue Ziemski  

Sue Ziemski, RPA®, FMA®
Senior Property Manager, Artis REIF