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BOMI International offers professional development courses and programs for personnel with property, facility, or systems responsibilities. All of our courses may be applied toward one or more of our certificate or designation programs, making it easy to (1) start with a course, (2) earn a certificate, and (3) achieve your designation. 

 BOMI History

Our industry-recognized courses and programs have been proven to reduce operating expenses, increase overall efficiency, and enhance individual performance, adding value to any organization and making BOMI International the trusted source for education by many industry professionals and employers. 

Additionally, our courses are available in a variety of course delivery options—Instructor-Led Online, Classroom, Self-Study, and Onsite Corporate Instruction—making it convenient and flexible for professionals to achieve their desired education and for employers to train their staff.

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BOMI History

Building Owners and Managers Institute International®.

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“I am a graduate of the RPA, FMA, SMA, and SMT Designation programs. Because of my BOMI International designations I have been able to work in every branch of property management; I have been a chief engineer/construction manager/facility manager for 15 years and senior property manager for 12 years. In that time I can sincerely say that I have utilized what I learned from my designations.”

-Pete Fernandex, RPA, FMA, SMA, SMT, CIE