The Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Building Systems, Part I

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The Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Building Systems, Part I provides information property and facilities managers will need to manage the ongoing operation and maintenance of building systems and to maximize building efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In this course, you will learn about building design and construction, project delivery, construction materials, and building systems, including HVAC, roofing, and plumbing systems, as well as ceilings, flooring, and interior walls.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Implement maintenance best practices for building systems to achieve efficiencies and cost savings
  • Support maintenance of building structural components in the design and construction of facilities by selecting and recommending the appropriate materials
  • Describe best practices for the design, operation, and maintenance of HVAC and plumbing systems
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of the systems required for ensuring the preservation of a building’s structural integrity

Key topic areas:

building design and construction construction materials structural systems heating, ventilating, and air conditioning plumbing systems the building envelope building system controls lifecycle costing roofing interior walls, ceilings, and flooring

Applies to:
FMC and PAC certificates
FMA® and RPA® designations

USGBC Recommendation: 30 GBCI continuing education hours toward the LEED Credential Maintenance Program

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Delivery Options: Date: Location: To Register:
Online Self-Paced N/A Online BOMI International
Instructor-Led Online Jan 13, 2020 to Apr 24, 2020 Online BOMI International
Accelerated Review Feb 20, 2020 to Feb 22, 2020 San Diego, CA BOMA San Diego
Accelerated Review Feb 23, 2020 to Feb 06, 2020 New York, NY BOMA New York
Accelerated Review Feb 24, 2020 to Feb 26, 2020 Southfield, MI BOMA Metro Detroit
Accelerated Review Mar 06, 2020 to Mar 08, 2020 Tulsa, OK BOMA Tulsa
Accelerated Review Mar 09, 2020 to Mar 30, 2020 Cambridge, MA BOMA Boston
Accelerated Review Mar 09, 2020 to Mar 25, 2020 Chicago, IL BOMA Chicago
Classroom Apr 07, 2020 to May 12, 2020 New York, NY BOMA New York
Accelerated Review Apr 09, 2020 to Apr 11, 2020 Austin, TX BOMA Austin
Accelerated Review Apr 20, 2020 to Apr 22, 2020 Indianapolis, IN BOMA Indianapolis
Accelerated Review Apr 23, 2020 to Apr 26, 2020 Washington, DC AOBA
Accelerated Review Jun 03, 2020 to Jun 06, 2020 Los Angeles, CA BOMA Greater Los Angeles
Accelerated Review Jun 12, 2020 to Jun 14, 2020 Ft. Lauderdale, FL BOMA Ft. Lauderdale/Palm Beaches
Accelerated Review Jun 17, 2020 to Jun 19, 2020 Atlanta, GA BOMA Georgia
Accelerated Review Sep 14, 2020 to Sep 17, 2020 Houston, TX BOMA Houston
Accelerated Review Oct 08, 2020 to Oct 11, 2020 McLean, VA BOMI International
Accelerated Review Oct 10, 2020 to Oct 22, 2020 Oakland, CA BOMA San Francisco
Accelerated Review Oct 12, 2020 to Oct 14, 2020 Orlando, FL BOMA Orlando

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