Real Estate Investment and Finance

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This course teaches you to take charge of real estate investments to maximize a property’s value. Combining the latest industry practices with practical applications, you will learn basic financial concepts related to real estate, including income capitalization, valuation, analysis, taxation, depreciation, and life cycle costing. In addition, you’ll learn to evaluate real estate investments and develop budgets estimating net operating income, including spreadsheet examples that showcase current calculation methods and provide multiple resources to address your investment and finance needs.

New microlessons offer insights into the “Rule of 72,” owner objectives including calculations and analysis, and maximizing the success of real estate contracts through contract type selection, negotiation, terms, and conditions.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand physical value and market value
  • Determine a property’s economic value
  • Finance investments and increase value
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of current tax laws, including capital gains and depreciation

Key topic areas:

asset valuation and enhancement costs and taxes capitalization site and building analysis the appraisal process discounted cash flow measurement ownership vehicles the basics of lending and current lending practice

Applies to:
PMFP certificate
FMA® and RPA® designations

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Delivery Options: Date: Location: To Register:
Online Self-Paced N/A Online BOMI
Live Virtual Learning Aug 01, 2024 to Sep 05, 2024 Online AOBA
Accelerated Review Sep 11, 2024 to Sep 13, 2024 Atlanta, GA BOMA Georgia
Live Virtual Learning Sep 19, 2024 to Oct 17, 2024 Online BOMA New York
Live Virtual Learning Oct 15, 2024 to Nov 07, 2024 Online BOMA Boston
Accelerated Review Oct 17, 2024 to Oct 19, 2024 BOMA San Antonio BOMA San Antonio

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