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Practice Exam
Computer-Based Testing (CBT)
Scheduling the Final Exam
Preparing for the Final Exam
The Day of the Final Exam
Post-Final Exam
Practice Exam
 When should I take the practice exam?
You are encouraged to take the practice exam during the online course orientation week as a pre-test to measure your pre-existing knowledge of the course content, and to target specific areas of content you may need to focus on. It is also a good idea to take the practice exam after the class experience to gauge what you have learned and where you need to continue to focus for final exam success.
Computer-Based Testing (CBT)
 What is the computer-based testing (CBT) process?
All BOMI International designation and certificate program exams, except for Ethics Is Good Business® ShortCourse™, are taken at Pearson VUE testing sites throughout the country. The Ethics Is Good Business® ShortCourse™ exam is available through BOMI's online learning portal and can be taken from your own personal computer. Refer to our Exams Overview page for additional requirements for the Ethics Is Good Business® ShortCourse™ exam.

The CBT format does not require you to have extensive computer experience to take the final exam. Exam questions and answer options are displayed on screen. The computer records your responses and times your exam. You are able to change your answers, skip questions, and flag questions for later review. All unanswered questions will be marked incorrect when your time expires. Your exam will be scored once you have completed it and you will know your unofficial results before leaving the testing center.

Before beginning the exam, you will have the option to take a short tutorial to familiarize yourself with the computer testing environment. You will have ten (10) minutes to spend on this tutorial. This time will not be deducted from the time you are allotted to complete the exam. BOMI International encourages you to participate in the tutorial in order to familiarize yourself with the exam format.

Refer to the Computer-Based Testing Student Handbook for any additional questions.
Scheduling the Final Exam
 Am I required to take a final exam?
In order to obtain a BOMI International certificate or designation, you must pass an exam at the end of each required course. If you do not wish to obtain a designation or certificate, or do not plan on applying credit toward a college program, then taking an exam is not required. Learn more.
 How long do I have to take my exam after I complete a course?
You have one attempt to take a BOMI course exam, including the Ethics Is Good Business® ShortCourse™ exam, within your initial six (6) month eligibility period. This period begins on the date of registration for Self-Study and Online Self-Paced courses and the first day of class for all other courses. If you do not take your exam during this period or fail the exam, you must pay the additional Exam Administration Fee to begin a new six-month eligibility period.
 When do I schedule my exam?
BOMI International will notify Pearson VUE (within 48 hours of receiving your course registration and payment) that you are eligible to schedule your exam. You will then receive a letter, via e-mail, from BOMI International notifying you of your six-month eligibility period, along with instructions for scheduling your exam.

To ensure you are able to select your preferred testing center and exam appointment date and time, schedule your exam appointment as soon as you receive the letter, via e-mail or mail.
 What happens if I don't get all my required points? Can I still take the exam?
Yes. Through active participation in a BOMI International online course, you can earn a Certificate of Participation. The Certificate of Participation is solely based on participation points and has no bearing on the final exam. A passing score of 70 percent on the final exam is required to obtain credit for the course towards a credential. Depending on what you and your employer desire from the course, you can decide on achieving either the Certificate of Participation, credential, or both.
 How do I reschedule or cancel my exam?
Refer to your confirmation letter/e-mail for additional information before rescheduling or cancelling your exam appointment. To reschedule or cancel an exam, at least one full business day before your appointment, visit www.pearsonVUE.com/bomi/, or call Pearson VUE at 1.866.998.2664.
 Where are the testing centers located?
For a list of Pearson VUE testing centers, or information about a testing center, visit www.pearsonVUE.com/bomi/. Note the majority of testing centers are open Monday-Friday during normal business hours, and some have evening and weekend hours.
 What are the exam fees?
The course registration fee provides for one testing session during the eligibility period. If you fail an exam or miss, cancel, or reschedule an appointment, you must contact BOMI International to pay an additional Exam Administration Fee for a new six-month eligibility period to reset. This $150 fee includes testing and administration fees.

Fees for students outside of the U.S. may vary.
Preparing for the Final Exam
What will the exam look like?
Your final examination will be composed of 50 or 100 multiple-choice questions that ask you to apply the knowledge you have gained in your course. Each exam question offers four possible answer choices.
How are exams structured?
Our courses offer three types of exams. The majority of our exams are 100 multiple-choice questions. Newer courses have a 50 multiple-choice exam focused on workplace scenarios. The Instructor-Led Online Ethics Is Good Business® ShortCourse™ is a 30 multiple-choice exam that is administered online using BOMI International’s Learning Portal. All exams require a score of 70 percent or higher to successfully pass. Further exam instructions are provided at the time of registration.
How long are exam sessions?
BOMI International exams are computer-based tests (CBT), held at independent testing centers. You are given 2 ½ hours total for the exam; 30 minutes for pre-test activities and two (2) hours for the exam itself.

Pre-test items include BOMI International's Non-Disclosure Agreement and Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct, a course and/or instructor evaluation, as well as the tutorial. Prior to your exam appointment, please review the Non-Disclosure Agreement and Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct. All students are required to accept these agreements during the pre-test session in order to access the exam.
How quickly should I take the exam after we finish our last chapter?
You have six (6) months from the start of your course to take the exam. You may take the exam at any time within that window. It is up to you in terms of how comfortable you feel with the material.
I require extra time to complete my exam. Will Pearson VUE be able to arrange a time extension?
BOMI International may allow time extensions and other accommodations for those who have special needs. If you need additional time to complete your exam, we ask that you speak with an Education Coordinator. If approved, BOMI International will contact Pearson VUE with your request. At that point, a decision will be made whether your appointment time can be extended, based on the test program’s policies.

If the time extension request is due to a medical situation, such as a learning disability, BOMI International requires documentation to determine the accomodation needed. We will then provide you with a phone number to call Pearson VUE and schedule your exam.
The Day of the Final Exam
How early should I arrive at the testing center on the day of my exam?
You should typically arrive 15-30 minutes prior to a scheduled appointment to check in. Refer to your confirmation letter for additional information.
What materials do I need to bring with me on the day of my exam?
Students must bring two (2) forms of identification, including one form of government-issued photo identification. It is extremely important to ensure the name you provide at registration matches your photo identification card EXACTLY; otherwise, you will not be allowed to take your exam.

For more information about acceptable forms of identification, refer to page 9 of the Computer-Based Testing Student Handbook.

Students taking the Real Estate Investment and Finance exam must bring a hand-held financial calculator that cannot be programmed in scientific mode for use during the exam. Please note that you will be required to leave your personal belongings in a secure location during your exam appointment.
I missed my exam. What do I do?
If you fail to appear for an exam appointment that you were scheduled to attend, and you did not reschedule or cancel in accordance with the policy, you will forfeit the eligibility for that missed appointment. You will not be permitted to take future exams until an Exam Administration Fee is paid to BOMI International. Refunds will not be given for exams not taken.

All students seeking excused absences based on an emergency situation must contact BOMI International at 1.800.235.BOMI (2664) within ten (10) days of the original exam appointment. BOMI International will require that you fax documentation of the emergency in order to excuse the absence. Illness excuses must be written by the attending physician. Inclement weather is not acceptable as an excused absence unless the testing center closes. If, on the day of your exam, you are unable to attend the exam appointment for which you are scheduled, you may be excused without monetary penalty for the following reasons:
  • Documented illness, either yourself or immediate family member
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Disabling traffic accident
  • Court appearance or jury duty
  • Military duty
Post-Final Exam
When can I expect BOMI International to receive my exam score?
You will receive an unofficial score at the test center after your exam. In addition, Pearson VUE submits exam results to BOMI International within 24-72 hours of your exam. BOMI International will distribute an official score within five (5) business days of receiving the results and reviewing the testing session data, including any incident reports.
Passing the Exam
If you receive a score of 70 or higher, you receive course credit. You will receive an official score report in the form of an Exam Analysis from BOMI International after your testing experience, which will indicate your performance on each chapter. Upon completion of all designation or certificate requirements, graduates may use the designation on business cards and signatures.
Do I need the certificate and the final exam counting toward the designation?
You must successfully complete the exam for the course to apply to a certificate or designation. You can choose to obtain a certificate, a designation, or both.

Advice from an Instructor: The certificate is a great milestone to display on the road to getting the designation.
If I fail the exam can I retake it for free?
If you receive a score of 69 or lower, you will be denied credit for the course. You will receive an official score report in the form of an Exam Analysis from BOMI International, which will indicate your performance on each chapter. To retake the exam, an Exam Administration Fee must be paid prior to scheduling a new appointment with Pearson VUE. 
Exam Content Comments/Feedback
Following completion of the exam, you may submit, in writing, comments on any question(s) you believe to contain technical errors in content. In your correspondence, include your contact information, test date, and the specific concerns about the question. You are not allowed to copy the question before leaving the testing center and are not expected to recreate the entire question in your correspondence. BOMI International will review the question and you will be notified of the findings. Because of the need for test security, BOMI International will not release exam questions or answers to students.
How do I update my Pearson VUE information?
To update your information, visit www.pearsonVUE.com/bomi/, or call Pearson VUE at 1.866.998.2664.
If you have questions, please call 1.800.235.BOMI (2664) Monday-Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM ET to speak with a member of BOMI International's Education Coordinator Team, or e-mail your question to service@bomi.org. Canadian students, please contact BOMI Canada at 1.888.821.9319.