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Learn the crucial impact of resilience on building value, while also examining the high risk of avoidance.




Chris Pyke
Global Expert in Resilience and VP of Research


Learn how to power a performance-based future globally. The frequency, intensity, and impact of natural disasters have increased significantly within the past fifteen years. This course covers Resilience: the ability of commercial buildings and the businesses they house to prepare for such events adequately and quickly return to full operations - contributing significantly to a community’s ability to bounce back (Ryan Colker, BOMA Magazine 2017). In addition to the community-wide impacts, a building’s post-status after an event can affect the long-term viability of the businesses that occupy those buildings. Climate change drivers (e.g., temperature, humidity) will affect those tangible variables that building managers and owners regularly control to protect vulnerable areas of their assets. Implementing a climate risk and resiliency program is vital for maintaining and gaining investor buy-in by providing an overview of the climate impact on the market, asset hazards, and strategies to adapt to climate change.

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