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Understand the urgency of immediate measures, the latest compliance requirements, and proven strategies to implement.

   Dave Pogue    Mike Richter   Erlrich
Dave Pogue,
Chief Strategy Officer
RiverRock Real 
Estate Group
Mike Richter, 
Clayton Ulrich,
Global Sustainability Director

This course covers the growing concern of the global impact of CO2 emissions, and the importance for building managers and owners to establish targets and relevant carbon-reduction timeframes. The commercial real estate industry falls within Scope 2 of how carbon emissions are expressed, primarily through the emissions of purchased energy consumed. Because of this, the industry is moving from an age where these regulations, once voluntary, are becoming mandatory nationwide. Therefore as carbon reduction becomes more imperative, tenants must consider carbon in their space acquisition decisions more carefully. Though there is no defined path toward carbon reduction emissions, promising results will eventually follow when building managers and owners decide to stay the course.


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