Competency and Transfer Credits

We realize that what you’ve learned on the job or at other educational institutions is valuable. Therefore, we offer options for obtaining credit for that experience.

Students enrolled in the Real Property Administrator (RPA®) designation, Facilities Management Administrator (FMA®) designation, Systems Maintenance Technician (SMT®) designation, or the Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA®) designation are eligible to apply for competency credits through two methods:

Unless otherwise noted, students may receive competency credit for a maximum of:

  • Three courses in the RPA® and FMA® designation programs
  • Two courses in the SMT® designation program
  • One course in the SMA® designation program

To transfer credits between designation programs, complete and submit the Transfer of Credit Form. For more information about competency credits, including the CPM Option, download the Competency Brochure in PDF format.

Contact us for more information at 1.800.235.BOMI (2664) or Canadian students, please contact BOMI Canada for more information at 1.888.821.9319 or