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Cision PR Logo   BOMI International Welcomes New Business Development Manager
BOMI is pleased to announce the hiring of Sarah Graf as business development manager, representing the Western United States.

SMT logo   Is a SMT® Right for Me?
How is a building like an orchestra? With multiple large-scale systems running at the same time, a building manager needs to be able to conduct to the best of their ability. The SMT® Designation could be the next step in perfecting a building’s symphony.
BOMA Chicago logo   5 Reasons to Invest in the RPA®/FMA® Designation Programs
After earning her RPA® 25 years ago, Nancy Capadona encourages all of her employees and emerging industry leaders to earn the RPA® and FMA® designations.
Cision PR Logo   BOMI International Announces New Board Leadership
BOMI is pleased to announce the election of Nicholas E. Stolatis, RPA®, CPM®, LEED®-AP, as chairman of the Board of Trustees from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2021.
Real Estate Competition   Know Your Competition
What you can learn from other property managers who lease space in their buildings? A lot! Discover how to maintain your building's competitive advantage.
Cision PR Logo   BOMI International Announces 2019 Scholarship Winners
In supporting the next generation of property and facility managers, BOMI is proud to announce the winners of the 2019 J. Bradley Kennedy Scholarship Award.
BOMI-HP Logo   BOMI-HP®: The High-Performance, Environmental Sustainability Designation
What does it mean to run a high–performance building? The task to make large-scale systems work efficiently and environmentally can seem daunting.
 Solar Panels Blog Post   Summer Sun is the Best Renewable Energy Solution
With tax incentives, solar electricity can pay for itself in 5-10 years. Learn the 4 types of solar energy capture to consider for your next building project.
   CRECI Logo   The Commercial Real Estate Certification Institute™ (CRECI™) Launches Certification for Early-Career CRE Professionals
Seventy-one commercial property managers are the first to earn the new Certified Manager of Commercial Properties™ (CMCP™) certification that recognizes early-career professionals for foundational knowledge in real estate operations and management.