Law and Risk Management

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Law and Risk Management presents information about torts, contracts, employer/employee relations, property rights, leasing and conveyancing, and environmental law and insurance. It also discusses the insurance market, different types of insurance policies, and the claims adjustment process. Reading this material will provide you with a foundation in the basic principles of law and risk management, thus helping you deal with everyday legal and risk issues surrounding your business.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Discuss the issues surrounding contracting law
  • Explain the legal aspects of real estate financing
  • Understand environmental law and land use
  • Identify potential legal liability situations
  • Formulate effective loss control programs
  • Understand insurance policies needed to help protect your company from potential liability claims
  • Describe how underwriting for insurance affects your coverage
  • Provide comprehensive employee benefit plans

Key topic areas:

conveying and financing real estate contracts property interests premises liability environmental law and concerns employment relationships and agency introduction to risk management insurance company operations principles of insurance and insurable risk general liability insurance and employee benefit plans loss exposures

Applies to:

RPA® designation

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Online Self-Paced N/A N/A BOMI International
Live Virtual Learning May 02, 2023 to Jun 06, 2023 Online BOMA New York
Accelerated Review May 03, 2023 to May 05, 2023 Atlanta, GA BOMA Georgia
Accelerated Review Jun 12, 2023 to Jun 14, 2023 Indianapolis, IN BOMA Indianapolis
Live Virtual Learning Aug 23, 2023 to Aug 25, 2023 Online BOMA Nevada
Live Virtual Learning Aug 23, 2023 to Aug 25, 2023 Online BOMA Orange County
Live Virtual Learning Aug 23, 2023 to Aug 25, 2023 Online BOMA Sacramento
Live Virtual Learning Aug 23, 2023 to Aug 25, 2023 Online BOMA San Diego

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