High-Performance Sustainable Building Investments

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High-Performance Sustainable Building Investments delivers the strategies needed for building a business case for high-performance investments. You will practice bundling social, environmental, and economic factors, fully integrating all facets of the triple bottom line. By leveraging analysis tools such as ROI, NPV, and IRR, you will be equipped to promote and gain buy-in for sustainability and high performance investment projects.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Identify and engage business stakeholders by demonstrating the value of investments from a 3BL approach
  • Illustrate how social and environmental returns enhance economic returns for a stronger overall investment
  • Illustrate the value of high-performance projects through operational-focused and asset-focused industry benchmarks and tools
  • Implement project delivery using a whole-building approach by bundling retrofit projects that maximize potential benefits
  • Leverage financing resources, including internal capital budgets, off-sheet financing and utility and tax rebate programs, among others, in order to mitigate overall costs of high-performance projects
  • Address methods for marketing project successes to key stakeholders through quantifiable results and performance reporting

Key topic areas:

defining value within a sustainability framework balancing and prioritizing the triple bottom line tangible and intangible valuation drivers performance contracting and energy service companies benchmarking beyond energy triple bottom line analysis whole building design high-performance interiors and internal systems high-performance exteriors and building systems internal and external funding resources engaging stakeholders measurement and verification

Applies to:

BOMI-HP® designation

USGBC Recommendation: 30 GBCI continuing education hours toward the LEED Credential Maintenance Program

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