Exam Administration Fee

Applicable for learners who are unable to take their scheduled exam, giving them an additional 6-month eligibility period. This $150 fee applies to the following scenarios:

  • No-show: did not cancel or change an exam appointment with 1 full business day notice.
  • Retest: failing an exam and needing to retake at a later date.
  • Extension: wishing to extend the eligible period for other reasons.

If you are enrolled in an Online Self-Paced course, paying the Exam Administration Fee will extend your BOMI Learning Portal access for an additional 6-months. This enables you to review course materials and practice exams before retaking the final course exam.

Unsure if your scenario applies for the Exam Administration Fee? Call 1.800.235.2664 or e-mail service@bomi.org to ask to an Education Coordinator.