Energy Management and Controls

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Understanding the key maintenance and energy management aspects of building management is critical to running a cost-effective operation. From everyday preventive maintenance tasks to the challenge of developing and selling an energy plan, this course provides you with the skills to evaluate and optimize your current system, the know-how to integrate new components, and the ability to communicate your needs to decision makers.

This course teaches you to develop energy management strategies for HVAC, electrical, and lighting systems. You will learn about the components, principles, adjustment, and maintenance of system controllers, auxiliary devices and electronic, pneumatic, and computer control systems. We’ll cover heating, cooling, and humidification control applications, along with variable air volume and building pressurization control devices. You'll develop the skills and knowledge to perform a cost/benefit analysis of HVAC, electrical, and lighting systems, and to create an energy management program for your facility.

Key topic areas:

energy management programs preventive maintenance building automation systems HVAC, electrical, and lighting control systems VAV boxes energy management opportunities SOPs energy consumption factors retrofit strategies measuring ROI on energy initiatives  

Applies to:


SMC certificate
SMT® and SMA® designations



USGBC Recommendation: 18 GBCI continuing education hours toward the LEED Credential Maintenance Program.
ACE credit recommendation: 2 semester hours, lower division baccalaureate in Facilities Systems and Management, Construction Management, or Engineering Technologies.

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Self-Study Traditional



BOMI International


Apr 8, 2013 to Jun 14, 2013

Morristown, NJ

BOMA New Jersey

Accelerated Review

May 4, 2013 to May 18, 2013

Los Angeles, CA

BOMA of Greater Los Angeles

 Instructor-Led Online

May 20, 2013 to Aug 30, 2013


BOMI International


Jun 5, 2013 to Aug 21, 2013

Dallas, TX

BOMA Dallas


Jul 9, 2013 to Aug 13, 2013

Atlanta, GA

BOMA Georgia

Accelerated Review

July 19, 2013 to Jul 21, 2013

Miami, FL

BOMA Miami-Dade

 Instructor-Led Online

Sep 9, 2013 to Dec 20, 2013


BOMI International 

Accelerated Review

Sep 20, 2013 to Sep 22, 2013

Ft Lauderdale, FL

BOMA Ft. Lauderdale/Palm Beaches

Accelerated Review

Apr 13, 2016 to Apr 15, 2016

Memphis, TN

BOMA Memphis

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