Budgeting and Accounting 

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Budgeting and Accounting features applications and problems you can use to create building and facilities' budgets. In this course, you will have the opportunity to apply concepts within the real property and facilities context. You will follow the accounting process and creation of a budget from start to finish, learning valuable skills such as how to interpret financial statements, annual reports, and statements of cash flows. You will also learn practical skills such as how to compile lease abstracts and prepare rent rolls. The course includes valuable exercises pertaining to computing productivity ratios, depreciation, ending cash balances, preparing income and expense budgets, and explaining budget variances.

Key topic areas:

record-keeping requirements revenue and expenditure cycles cash basis income statement financial statements  annual reports lease abstracts income and expense budgeting working with capital 

Applies to:


PMFP and PAC certificates
RPA® designation



ACE credit recommendation: 2 semester hours, lower division baccalaureate in Business Administration, Bookkeeping, Accounting, or Facilities/Property Management

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Self-Study Traditional



BOMI International


Apr 23, 2013 to May 9, 2013

Seattle, WA

BOMA Seattle and King County

Accelerated Review

May 2, 2013 to May 4, 2013

Pleasanton, CA

BOMA Oakland/East Bay

Accelerated Review

May 2, 2013 to May 10, 2013

San Francisco, CA

BOMA San Francisco

Accelerated Review

May 8, 2013 to May 10, 2013

New York, NY

BOMA New York

Accelerated Review

May 13, 2013 to May 15, 2013

Sacramento, CA

BOMA Sacramento

Instructor-Led Online

May 20, 2013 to Aug 30, 2013


BOMI International

Accelerated Review

Jun 20, 2013 to Jun 23, 2013

McLean, VA

BOMI International

Accelerated Review

Jul 24, 2013 to Jul 26, 2013

Atlanta, GA

BOMA Georgia

Accelerated Review

Aug 9, 2013 to Aug 11, 2013

Boca Raton, FL

BOMA Ft. Lauderdale/Palm Beaches

Instructor-Led Online

Sep 9, 2013 to Dec 20, 2013


BOMI International

Accelerated Review

Sep 16, 2013 to Sep 18, 2013

Las Vegas, NV

BOMA Nevada


Sep 18, 2013 to Nov 6, 2013

Minneapolis, MN

BOMA Greater Minneapolis

Accelerated Review

Oct 4, 2013 to Oct 25, 2013

Dallas, TX

BOMA Dallas

Accelerated Review

Oct 9, 2013 to Oct 12, 2013

Phoenix, AZ

BOMA Greater Phoenix

Accelerated Review

Oct 21, 2013 to Oct 23, 2013

Kansas City, MO

BOMA Kansas City


Oct 29, 2013 to Dec 10, 2013

Chicago, IL

BOMA Chicago

Accelerated Review

Nov 4, 2013 to Nov 7, 2013

Baltimore, MD

BOMI International


Apr 14, 2014 to Jun 23, 2014

Morristown, NJ

BOMA New Jersey

Accelerated Review

Feb 23, 2015 to Feb 25, 2015

Memphis, TN

BOMA Memphis

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