Competency and Transfer Credits

We realize that what you’ve learned on the job or at other educational institutions is valuable. Therefore, we offer the options below to obtain credit for that experience.

    Program Description   Eligibility* To Apply:
Transfer Credits   Transfer credit between designation programs.    Students enrolled in the:
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Administrative Competency   You may receive credit for specific courses from accredited colleges and universities, or from specific professional credentials, including the CCIM, CPM®, PE, SIOR, and more.   Same as Transfer Credits. Select a program application below.
 RPA® Designation 
 FMA® Designation 
 SMT®/SMA® Designation    
    For additional information, review our Competency Brochure  
*With the exception of Budgeting and Accounting for the Property Management Financial Proficiency Certificate (PMFP) and Property Administrator Certificate (PAC) programs, credits for courses awarded through a competency option do not qualify for certificate programs.    
If you have questions, please call 1.800.235.BOMI (2664) Monday-Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM ET to speak with a member of BOMI International's Education Coordinator Team, or e-mail your question to Canadian students, please contact BOMI Canada at 1.888.821.9319.

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