Promote Your Designation

Share the benefits of your BOMI International designation with colleagues and managers. Download one of our 10 Ways flyers to provide additional justification for advancing your education with more BOMI International courses. Send a news release to your company’s newsletter and your local newspaper–spread the word about your new achievement!

10 Ways Having a BOMI International Graduate on Staff Can Save You Money:

Here is some additional information that you, as a BOMI International education alumnus, might be interested in:

  • Designation Acronym and Logo Usage
  • Transcript Request
  • Graduation Notification: Earning your BOMI International designation is a great accomplishment. You may want to send a letter of successful completion to a supervisor or other designated company representatives to inform them of your achievement.
  • Administrative Competency Form: Credit for BOMI International courses may be transferred between BOMI International designation programs. There is no fee to transfer credits, however there is an enrollment fee per additional designation if you are not currently enrolled in the program.

Please contact BOMI International to order additional or replacement BOMI International designation certificates. See Price Sheet for fees.