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The High-Performance Sustainable Building Principles course is now available! 

New High-Performance (HP) Program

Growing occupant demand, investor pressures, and building code requirements have led to a new standard in high-performance building, driving many markets to mandate comprehensive sustainability and energy-efficiency programs. To meet this challenge, BOMI International developed the new High-Performance Program to further enhance the competencies—knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform key job functions—of industry professionals who are responsible for implementing sustainable initiatives.

The three-course High-Performance Program delivers an integrated and practical curriculum designed by industry leaders and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to provide the advanced knowledge you need to: 

  • Create and apply sustainable initiatives
  • Optimize current and future high-performance building operations 
  • Maximize cost-savings and environmental stewardship 
  • Increase your earning potential in the industry

Designation Programs

The High-Performance Program offers the following two designations:

  • RPA|HP—A Symbol of High-Performance Sustainable Building Management™ 
  • FMA|HP—A Symbol of High-Performance Sustainable Facilities Management™ 

These enhanced designations combine the requirements of the industry-standard Real Property Administrator (RPA®) and/or Facilities Management Administrator (FMA®) Designation Programs with the new High-Performance Program—giving you an in-depth understanding of how to define, initiate, pay for, complete, and obtain a return on investment for sustainable initiatives within all segments of a building or portfolio.

Designation Program Requirements

Requirements for earning the RPA|HP and FMA|HP Designations are based on whether you have or do not have your RPA or FMA Designation. 

Already have your RPA and/or FMA Designation?

If you are an RPA and/or FMA Designation holder, you may earn an enhanced RPA|HP and/or FMA|HP Designation by successfully completing all three required High-Performance Program courses.

Required Courses:

Not an RPA and/or FMA Designation holder?

If you are not currently an RPA and/or FMA designee, you must successfully complete all three required High-Performance Program courses and meet all RPA and/or FMA Designation Program requirements.

Required Courses:

Additional Requirements: