Alumni and Graduates


I've heard of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), what is it?

Please refer to our Quick and Easy Reference to CPD, or review our CPD FAQs

Can I apply college credits towards BOMI International courses?

Students enrolled in the Real Property Administrator (RPA), Facilities Management Administrator (FMA), or Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA) Designation programs are eligible to apply for competency and transfer credits. Note that credits for courses awarded through a competency option do not qualify for most certificate programs. Learn more.

How can I become an instructor?

BOMI International is always looking for talented individuals to teach our course materials. We hold courses nationwide and are looking for instructors who are willing to travel. Most of the courses that BOMI International sponsors are four-day Accelerated Review courses (with the exception ofEthics Is Good Business® ShortCourse™, which is a one-day Accelerated Review course). However, with new technologies, we are also looking for dynamic individuals to facilitate and present courses online. If you are interested in becoming a BOMI International instructor, please e-mail your resume, along with your completed Instructor Application to service@bomi.org.

Whom do I contact if I have any questions?

Please call 1.800.235.BOMI (2664) Monday-Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm eastern time to speak with a member of BOMI International's Education Coordinator Team, or e-mail your question to service@bomi.org. Canadian students, please contact BOMI Canada at 1.888.821.9319.