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BOMI International was founded in 1970 as a nonprofit, independent educational institute to fulfill the need for a higher level of training and expertise in the property and facility management profession. Over the years, we have become the trusted source for education in the property and facility industries. Currently, many employers require our credentials for new employees and, in many cases, make it mandatory for job promotions. 

Our programs do not require any kind of membership and are open to anyone who plays a role in property and facility management.

BOMI History

The Proof is in the Numbers

BOMI International graduates are better equipped to perform their jobs.


of graduates agree that our courses have improved there knowledge of  Property/Facility Management.


of graduates agree that our programs improved their job performance and overall career.


of graduates agree that our programs met or exceeded their expectations. 


of graduates experienced a decrease in monthly operating expenses after completing our courses.
-Based on a recent graduate survey.

BOMI History

Building Owners and Managers Institute International®.

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“Although a long-time FDIC employee, I am new to the facilities and operations management profession. I selected the RPA® and FMA® Designation programs to provide me with the educational training required for this position. BOMI International has not only provided me with excellent training but also excellent instructors who have in-depth and up-to-date industry knowledge and who were eager to support me at any time.”

-Alberto I. Cornejo, Sr.